Bioclinic Naturals Clear-HM 180 Capsules

Bioclinic Naturals

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Clear-HM provides advanced heavy metal detoxification support, supplying nutrients
which increase glutathione levels, assist in heavy metal removal, improve antioxidant
status and protect against cellular and hepatic damage. N-acetyl cysteine (NAC) and
alpha-lipoic acid both increase cellular levels of glutathione, which binds to mercury and
reactive oxygen species and participates in the detoxification of many xenobiotics via
conjugation reactions. They are also powerful antioxidants and have been found to
reduce toxicity to multiple organs from lead, arsenic, mercury and cadmium.

Spirulina platensis is a potent free radical scavenger, found to protect against heavy metal
induced organ damage and to prevent anemia, leukopenia and the deposition of heavy
metals in the brain. Spirulina also contains significant amounts of alkaline phosphatase
activity, which may assist in the detoxification of organophosphorus pesticides. Vitamins
B6 and C are required for the synthesis or regeneration of glutathione, with the latter
providing broad antioxidant support minimizing heavy metal toxicity. Milk thistle is a
well established hepatoprotectant, and magnesium, often deficient in those with toxin
exposure, provides an essential cofactor for many detoxification and mitochondrial

Unique Features
Complete support for the detoxification of heavy metals
Contains nutrients which increase the synthesis and regeneration of glutathione, a
potent detoxifier of reactive oxygen species and heavy metals
Provides diverse antioxidant support as well as neurological, renal and
hepatoprotective nutrients
Highly bioavailable minerals supply detoxification enzyme cofactors which are
often deficient