Garden of Life RAW Probiotics Vaginal Care 30 Capsules

Garden of Life

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Maintaining a healthy bacterial balance promotes vaginal and urinary tract health. Garden of Life RAW Probiotics Vaginal Care is a high potency, RAW, whole food probiotic formula containing a proprietary Vaginal Care Blend featuring eight probiotic strains providing meaningful vaginal and urinary tract health support.

-Once daily serving—small, easy-to-swallow capsule
-38 RAW probiotic strains promoting flora diversity as found in nature
-Features proprietary Vaginal Care Blend to promote yeast balance, vaginal and urinary tract health
-Provides a unique Yeast-Digesting Enzyme Blend to help break down yeast cell walls

RAW Probiotics is an innovative line of RAW, Whole Food Probiotic formulas from Garden of Life. Each high-potency RAW Probiotics formula contains a naturally diverse group of over 30 beneficial probiotic strains from Bulgarian yogurt and Eastern European wild kefir, guaranteed to Arrive Alive!