Jadience Herbal Formulas Jade Facial Travel Kit - Normal to Oily Skin Travel Kit

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Normal to Oily Skin Care Travel Kit -Each eco-friendly package contains the most popular travel sized Skin Care herbal products for all skin types. Wise Woman Herbals PhytoBiotic €¢Cleansing Cream Wise Woman Herbals PhytoBiotic €“ Normal to OilyWise Woman Herbals PhytoBiotic €¢Exfoliating ScrubWise Woman Herbals PhytoBiotic €¢Harmonizing MaskWise Woman Herbals PhytoBiotic €¢Purifying Toner for Troubled SkinWise Woman Herbals PhytoBiotic €¢Purifying GelWise Woman Herbals PhytoBiotic €¢Intensive Eye TreatmentWise Woman Herbals PhytoBiotic €¢Purifying Lotion Wise Woman Herbals PhytoBiotic €¢Cleansing Cream This non-irritating formula purifies and deeply cleanses the skin, flushing away imbedded dirt and excess oil. The herbal ingredients provide natural astringent properties, which aid in tightening the skin and pores without disturbing the skinWise Woman Herbals PhytoBiotic €™s natural protective barrier. This breakthrough formula is excellent for oily and problem skin and will leave your face clean, balanced and refreshed. Wise Woman Herbals PhytoBiotic €¢Exfoliating ScrubThis non-irritating, deep cleansing scrub exfoliates lifeless skin as it invigorates healthy dermal cells. Your skin will be cleansed, purified and absolutely radiant. Wise Woman Herbals PhytoBiotic €¢Harmonizing MaskThis high performance herbal mask is specifically designed to remove impurities, nourish the skin and provide deep moisturizing properties. The herbal properties of this mask increase circulation and bring vital nutrients and anti-oxidants to purify, balance and protect skin cells. Wise Woman Herbals PhytoBiotic €¢Purifying Toner for Troubled SkinThis remarkable toner for problem skin penetrates deep within the dermal layers to detoxify and purify the skin. Anti-bacterial properties clear away blemishes while natural astringents remove trapped dirt and oil to prevent future breakouts. Wise Woman Herbals PhytoBiotic €¢Purifying GelThis extra-strength purifying gel is specifically designed to treat blemishes and troubled areas, leaving skin clear and smooth for a radiant complexion. Wise Woman Herbals PhytoBiotic €¢Intensive Eye TreatmentThis intensive anti-aging formula is infused with the powerful properties of East Asian herbs, antioxidants and nutrients to dramatically increase cell renewal and support collagen fibers. Smooth away fine lines, wrinkles and signs of fatigue while correcting dark circles and puffiness. Wise Woman Herbals PhytoBiotic €¢Purifying LotionThis high performance clarifying lotion decongests the skin removing imbedded impurities and toxins. The purifying properties detoxify and rebalance oil glands to produce proper amounts of natural moisturizers for your skin. The results are clear, clean skin that is soft and supple.