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Supports Absorption of Fats* & Fat Soluble Nutrients*

High Potency Bile Acid Formulation
95% Conjugated Bile Acids
Form Secreted by the Body
Scientifically Documented to Promote Fat-Soluble Nutrient Absorption*

Bile Acid Factors® consists of a mixture of highly-concentrated bile acids (also called bile salts), mostly in the conjugated form, from U.S. and/or New Zealand bovine/ovine bile.

Bile acids are produced in the liver and then stored and concentrated in the gallbladder, from which they enter the small intestines via the bile duct.
The major bile components in Bile Acid Factors® are glycocholate and taurocholate, which are crucial for fat absorption.*
In the small intestine, bile acids emulsify fats to aid their absorption.* Bile acid deficiency causes fat malabsorption and fatty stools (steatorrhea), indicated by diarrhea and floating stools.* In addition, bile acid deficiency reduces the absorption of fat and fat-soluble nutrients.*
Conjugated bile acids improve fat absorption and nutritional status.*