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FLORASSIST® Throat Health is an oral probiotic that provides novel beneficial bacteria to colonize the throat and control harmful, unwanted bacteria.1-3

Just one lozenge of FLORASSIST® Throat Health contains 20 mg of BLIS K12®, a proprietary oral probiotic known as S. salivarius K12, which delivers 2 billion colony-forming units. These organisms survive naturally in the throat, maximizing their potential to promote throat health by helping to ease inflammation and inhibit the damage caused by unfavorable organisms that may originate there.

FLORASSIST® Throat Health—naturally flavored with spearmint and cherry—can significantly protect throat health, 1-3 ease inflammation, and help maintain good health.4 And because this strain acts locally in the throat, S. salivarius K12 produces none of the problems related to systemic side effects.5

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