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Tri-40, by Progressive Labs, is available in a 90 capsule form.

The energy level of the body is directly related to the level of thyroxin. Hyper-function of the thyroid may induce emaciation, tachycardia, tremor, nervous irritability, insomnia, hot flashes with perspiration and digestive disturbances. In about 50% of such patients there is an enlarged thymus and possible hypertension and hyperchlorhydria. Other outward manifestations are cerebral activity vivaciousness and neurotic potential. Hypo-function of the thyroid produces opposite effects, including weight gain.

Hypothyroidism can have the disturbing effect in young children of slow growth, and general lack of mental and physical development. After the age of 45 the thyroid seems to slow its output, and at menopause in women it may cause tachycardia, hot flashes and general circulatory disturbances. Normal sexual function in the female is related to a normal thyroid. Individuals with a hypo-functioning thyroid, have cold hands and feet, menstruation is often scanty and delayed or even absent; they may be obese, are more of less apathetic and sleepy, they have morning backache, sluggishness of the bowels and a decreased basal metabolism. Tri-40 was formulated because kinesiological testing reveals that the thymus and spleen work synergistically with the thyroid. Kelp is added as a natural source of iodine.