Sabre Sciences Genesis IC/Cell Rejuv creme 2 ounces

Sabre Sciences

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Genesis IC/Cell Rejuv 2oz creme is available by Sabre Sciences.

Genesis IC: 2oz. Concentrated cellular rejuvenation formula Genesis IC™ is a sophisticated skin preparation that utilizes a unique cutting-edge approach to beautiful skin and longevity. Genesis IC the world‘s first ""Smart Cosmeceutical"". A cosmeceutical as individual as we are.

A sophisticated skin preparation that works differently on every- one that uses it. Genesis works in two ways. First, it penetrates through the outer skin to the first layer of new skin. There, a combination of powerful antioxidants (Oxide Dismutase, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Vitamins E, D) are absorbed into the tissue. Then, powerful botanicals, immune modulators and growth hormone precur