Arthur Andrew Medical Novequin DPF (Digestive Probiotic Formula) 500 Grams

Arthur Andrew Medical

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Novequin DPF is a pharmaceutical grade synbiotic with digestive enzyme support. Synbiotics are a mixture of PRO and PRE biotics that facilitate a healthy intestinal and hindgut microflora balance. An equines kidneys and pancreas are not optimized for scheduled meals that contain high levels of protein. While protein is essential for muscle definition and mass, too much of it can lead to digestive complications. Equine digestive systems have adapted to continuous digestion of foods while grazing. Enzymes and probiotics are essential to prevent colic when switching horses from dry food to pasture grazing. "When enzyme levels are low, feed can remain undigested causing impactions or colic. Novequin contains enzymes specially developed to digest high protein vegatation allowing the animals to be fed larger meals without over-stressing their digestive system. The formula also contains a naturally occuring intestinal microorganisms and benefical yeast to support immune health and reverse the harmful effects of antibiotics. *Optimsl digestive health can improve lean body mass, strengthen hooves, reduce shedding and promote a sleek, glowing coat

Novequin Probiotic & Digestive Aid Is Effective For:
•Upset stomach
•Weakened immune systems
•Autoimmune disorders
•Weight management
•Performance and endurance
•Coat appearance and hoof quality
•Enhancing appetite