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The majority of men find that their prostate gland undergoes significant changes as they age.1 ProstaPollen™ supports healthy urination patterns and prostate function.

Triple Strength ProstaPollen™ contains concentrated pollen extracts specifically selected for effective prostate support.2-4

Clinical studies have demonstrated that the flower pollen extracts in Triple Strength ProstaPollen™ provide healthy support for aging prostate glands.2-4

Two fractions in Triple Strength ProstaPollen™—G60™ (water-soluble) and NAX™ (lipid-soluble)—support prostate health by helping to maintain smooth muscle tone in the prostate, bladder, and urethra.5

Life Extension® has long offered pollen extracts in the comprehensive Ultra Natural Prostate formula for maintaining healthy prostate function. For the first time, this new Triple Strength ProstaPollen™ European extract is available to Americans, providing a more potent dose6 in a convenient once-daily softgel!

For men using Life Extension’s Ultra Natural Prostate formula, additional prostate support benefits can be found by adding just one Triple Strength ProstaPollen™ softgel daily.

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