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Aller-B 90c is available by Progressive Labs.

Aller-B contains 2000% RDA for the three B-Vitamins (B-1, B-2, and B-6) which have been found to be required in high doses by patients exhibiting symptoms of allergies and food hyper-sensitivities. Also a surgeon who uses megavitamins in his practice found many patients who develop adverse reactions to vitamin supplements are actually reacting to tablet fillers and binders and not the vitamins themselves. Therefore, Aller-B has been put in capsule form without any allergy provoking substances.

Vitamin B-1:
In The Nutrition Desk Reference, Roger Garrison explains that inflammation and gastrointestinal disorders often associated with allergy could be due in part to B-1 deficiency. Also cited is the fact that B-1 deficiency can result in wet beriberi characterized by edema, also frequently seen in hypersensitive patients.

Vitamin B-2:
In Science vol. 165, pp 613-615, it was found migraine headaches, and conjunctivitis are symptoms of B-2 deficiency. B-2 was found to stimulate glutathione reductase which is an important antioxidant. On page 304 of ""Life Extension"", it states ""Autoimmune, allergic and asthmatic reactions frequently involve the immune systems inappropriate release of powerful oxidants such as free radicals... B-2 stimulated antioxidants can reduce this damage."" Vitamin B-6: Among the symptoms of B-6 deficiency, Rodales ""The Complete Book of Vitamins"" lists the following: asthma, rheumatism, and ski