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  • Protects prostate cells from hormone-associated changes.* 
  • May help maintain PSA levels already within a healthy range.* 
  • Researched by Dr. Aaron Katz of Winthrop-University Hospital.

Population studies have found that Asian men enjoy much better prostate health than their American peers. Many researchers believe that Asian men’s high consumption of isoflavone rich soybeans is a big reason why. Isoflavones are phytonutrients that protect the soybean plant from harm, and they have a similar protective effect in human prostate tissue.*

GeniKinoko™ delivers the health benefits of soy isoflavones in a convenient and highly absorbable form. It contains GCP® (genistein combined polysaccharide), a novel functional food produced by the fermentation of soybean isoflavone extracts with basidiomycetes mushrooms. Fermenting the isoflavones both increases their numbers and transforms them into a highly absorbable form. GCP is then well-absorbed from the small intestine and is taken up by the liver, where genistein in aglycone form enters circulation, to help support prostate health.*

GCP is:

  • All-Natural and 100% organic 
  • Especially rich in genistein content 
  • Derived from certified organic non-GMO soybeans 
  • Produced by a proprietary fermentation process 
  • Supported by clinical research 
  • Well-documented in peer-reviewed research papers