TCM Zone All-Inclusive Great Tonifying (H48) Granules 1 Box

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All-Inclusive Great Tonifying is available by Honso Kampo

This formula is a combination of si jun zi tang, si wu tang, rou gui and huang qi. Si jun zi tang is the principle formula tonifying qi, while si wu tang is the principle formula nourishing blood. Ren Shen and shu di huang are the chief herbs. Ren shen augments qi, while shu di huang nourishes the blood. The deputies include bai zhu, fu ling, shao yao, dang gui, rou gui and huang qi. Huang qi, bai zhu, and fu ling, strengthen spleen and lung qi and thereby reinforce the action of ren shen. Shao yao and dang gui nourish blood and thereby reinforce the action of shu di huang. Rou gui augments the yang qi. Chuan xiong, the assistant herb, invigorates the blood. Zhi gan cao, the envoy, regulates the action of these herbs and enhances the absorptive function of the spleen and stomach. The focus of this formula is to warm and tonify qi and blood.