Bioclinic Naturals Melatonin 10mg 180 Tablets

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In the face of insomnia, many people have tried prescription sleeping pills, but they can interfere with REM sleep, disrupt deeper stages of sleep and lead to confusion, sluggishness, anxiety and even drug dependency. Conversely, melatonin has shown clinical benefit for inducing sleep or adjusting sleep cycles, reducing sleep onset latency and improving perceived quality of sleep, without impairing daytime psychomotor performance. In fact, supplemental melatonin and bright light therapy are considered standard medical treatment for cases of jet lag, shift work, age-related insomnia, delayed sleep-phase disorder, advanced sleep-phase disorder, and non-24-hour sleep-wake disorder. Chronic sleep disturbance is a risk factor for premature aging, diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular disease and certain cancers, demonstrating just how important it is to maintain normal melatonin levels to enhance sleep quality.


-Quick disolve tablets provide consistent melatonin bioavailability   -pharmacokinetic studies indicate that 30 to 60% of an oral dose of  melatonin is metabolized via the liver and overall gastrointestinal  absorption is variable

-3 mg strength is optimal for those who require basic sleep support  or are trying melatonin for the first time
-Derived from non-animal sources
-Refreshing, natural peppermint flavor